40 Interesting Facts About World War 2- FindOZ

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

40 Interesting Facts About World War 2- FindOZ

40 Interesting Facts About World War 2

A global battle was fought for 6 years from World War II 1939 to 1945. All major countries of the world were included, however, eventually, the countries formed two major groups, called themselves Allies and Axis. These "facts WWF 2" prove that it was the most fatal battle in the history of mankind.

1. WWII began when Poland was attacked by Hitler on September 1, 1939.

2. About 1.5 million children lost their lives in the Holocaust, of whom 1.2 million were Jewish and the rest were Gypsies.

3. Germany suffered the maximum number of deaths of more than 21 million

4. Battle of the Atlantic was the longest during the WW3 period from 1939 to 1945.

5. Although during WW2 600,000 Jewish Americans were part of the Armed Forces, only 2 were awarded "Medal Honors".

6. The most deadly battle in America was "Battle of Bulge", which was responsible for the death of more than 80,000 people.

7. The Nazis used "concentration camp" to catch millions of Jewish people, where they used to work and hungry until they used to be "extinct" in gas showers using pesticides called Xylon-B

8. Nazis killed nearly 12 million people, of which 6 million were Jewish

9. Hitler designed the Nazi flag. Red was white for nationalism, and Lal stood for the social views of the Black Swastika for the struggle of Arya man.

10. One of the two main powers fighting the WW2 was "Aide", which was composed of countries like Britain, France, Russia, China and the United States. The second power was "Axis" group formed from Germany, Italy and Japan.

11. Due to rationing during WW2, the lack of chocolate gave rise to the invention of Newleta.

12. Before the onset of WW2, Germany was ruled by Adolf Hitler, who wanted to rule across Europe.

13. Countries like Sweden, Switzerland and Spain remain neutral and did not participate in WWF fighting groups.

14. Post WW2, the United States gave a proposal to buy Greenland for $ 100,000,000, which was rejected by Denmark.

15. Some of the most dangerous military men fighting WW2 were Finnish snippers.

16. 80 percent of Soviet men born in 1923 did not escape WWII.

17. During World War II, Japan joined the Suicide Strategy to a large extent.

18. Even before WW2, Hitler predicted a European war in his book "Mean Kampf", which would end all the Jews in Germany.

19. The battle of the elderly is the biggest and most fatal battle for American soldiers, with more than 80,000 American casualties.

20. "America" ​​was the name of Adolf Hitler's personal train.

21. The first German death occurred when Military Advisor Lieutenant von Shillinging lost his life in WW2.

22. From 1940-1945, the US defense budget increased from $ 1.9 billion to $ 59.8 billion.

23. The British made artificial moonlight and other colored lights to indicate the movement of soldiers during the night during the fight.

24. Despite the official WW2 finish, Russia and Japan have not been able to sign the peace treaty yet.

25. During the WW2, there was only one elephant at the Berlin Zoo, and the first bomb left by the Allies on Berlin hit it.

26. German U-Boats destroyed 2,000 ally ships at the cost of 781 U-boats.

27. During WW2, Hitler executed 84 German generals.

28. Germany declared war on only one nation, which was the United States.

29 During WWII, the US to avoid the German-sound name. In Hamburger was called "Liberty Steaks".

30. Genocide and rape were some of the war crimes committed by the Red Army.

31. 352 The use of the great German Luftwaf with air strikes was the highest scoring ace of Erich Hartmann all the time.

32. Adolf Hitler's nephew, William Hitler was in the U.S. Navy during WWII. They changed their name after the war.

33. Private Eddie Slovic was shot on January 31, 1945 for a delay. He was the first American to commit crime after civil war and was the only person to face this sentence during WWII.

34. Inmates of war experienced 85% mortality in Russian camps.

35. In the Philippines campaign (1945), American soldier John R. McKinney fought one hundred Japanese soldiers alone.

36. During the war, Hitler lost 136 out of every of his generals every two weeks.

37. During the war 12,000 heavy assailants were shot.

38. The famous German submarine U-20 drowned when its toilets got damaged during the war.

39. Germany officially declares war on only one country - United States.

40. More Chinese were killed by Japanese during World War II compared to Jews in the Holocaust.

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