12 Interesting Facts About PUBG - FindOZ

Monday, September 10, 2018

12 Interesting Facts About PUBG - FindOZ

12 Interesting Facts About PUBG

PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds or also called PUBG is a computer game that is very exciting, with just a single opportunity to make due until the end. On the off chance that you commit an error and you get executed, amusement over for you until the following round begins once more.

Your goal is searching for weapons and defensive protective layer you can use all through the amusement for your survival. You have to watch your back as you go over different players so ensure you know all the best concealing spots while taking your ideal shots at your adversaries.

While you figure you may know everything there is to think about this amusement, there may be some important PUBG actualities you may have missed. Each player can improve whether it is another concealing spot or another battling methodology. You can wager on PUBG for its power and activity, gaining from the experts.

1. The Player Unknown, Brendan Greene

Brendan Green, who is known as an unknown player, likes to be unknown on occasion. The rumor is that he had taken his default nickname in ARMA2 Player 1, so he changed the unknown player to make a character on the server. He liked the voice, so Green used his nickname in the video game brand and his company.

2. Battlegrounds Broke The All-Time Record

Pub set an incredible record of reaching 1,342,857 total concurrent players. History was created in September 2017, leaving behind an esport game, Dota 2 produced by the valve, which is extraordinary.

Looking at the number of players, PUBG is also a game that takes its rules very seriously, and thus bans players who are skeptical of breaking them. By saying this, there is always a place for mistakes, especially when dealing with a large number of players. If you are in any way among the players who have been banned from their PUBG account, then you can always leave us a line in connection with our PUBG account unban service!

3. Firing Weapon at the Ready

Before deciding to incorporate your enemies, reload your guns and keep the best weapons in hand. The most disappointing thing is approaching the nearest border with the opponent, and your rifle is set on a single fire mode.

4. Patience Pays Off

When you know that there is a crossfire between the enemies, then let them kill each other. It's better to wait and when everyone looks cool, clean the remaining ones. This is a great strategy that has won professional tournaments alone.

5. Where Should Aim Your Rifile?

Although this is a pretty clear answer, it makes a list of our PUBG facts, for those who may not be aware of damaged damage. Suppose you are getting out of almost bullets, take a nice hidden place and take the last few shots. If the worst gets worse, then the goal for the head. A headshot is damaged 2.5 times the loss of a chest shot.

6. Imagination is Not Playing Tricks on You

In a Pub game, you have to be cautious, but with all the proceedings going on, you can also remember a few seconds late. Your motivation tells you that there was a movement in place of some hiding or you have heard some shuffle, suppose that you have not confused just to confuse you.

7. Don't Stay In One Place After Making Loud Noise

Suppose you get out of ammunition, then your best option is to move after attracting your opponents. If you wander on one place after fireing your weapons loudly, you will be killed. At the top of it, be aware that how excited you are. Be as calm as possible, as you move from place to place, know your area, where you can set a trap and walk especially around you.

8. Best Vehicles in PUBG

PUBG will be very fast to reach driving places around the map. Dasia is the best car in which you can drive, give you security to speed up, cover and take four people if you are playing in the team. Motorcycles are the fastest ones you can use, great for reaching faraway places that help in the initial looting. For more experienced motorcycles, you can also set fire to your opponents targeting your opponents as you move forward.

9. Dare to be Daredevil Jumping From Roof To Roof

The player is a fair share of adventure activities in the battlefields of the unknown. Nothing is impossible, it's just a computer game, although in real life, leave stunts for professionals. It is quite entertaining to see how players can use different items in the game, in fact, Motorbike can fulfill the most successful. Having a good time in PUBG, you can give a crowd of simple things to do, you can ride the bike inside the buildings, go out on the top and on the terrace. For those who are skilled you can jump from the roof to the roof, surprise your opponents, so that they can be made vulnerable.

10. Scavenge a Looted Village

Run through a loot village, because you never know what you will get. There will be things that could not take your opponents with them. Do not let your loot be ruined. If you can not handle more things, then leave some grenades in those areas where your enemies are predicted to roam, helping you win and gain more robbery. If you die in the game, the enemy will not be able to use the weapons that will steal your things.

11. "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"

Every time you play a computer game, motivational phrases appear that encourage you to play better with the aim of winning. While playing PUBG, many players have asked what does the winning phrase 'winner champion chicken dinner' mean? Well, this is a common phrase used by gamblers in casinos especially in Las Vegas. A chicken used to spend less than $ 2 when a player won the bet; This would mean that he was a food he could afford.

However, some historians say that this is the date of the Great Depression, an era where many people did not have money. You may be lucky to win a pub or even win a game, 'Winners Winner Chicken Dinner', you can pay your evening meal, after all, you are a champion.

12. Refresh and Heal Up Underwater

If you are in a situation where you need a way to avoid, then drive directly into the sea. In this scenario you are allowed to be unusable because your opponents will not hesitate to pull the trigger on you. Once under water, you can recover yourself from any wound and get back your strength. Everything, bulletproof, is saving you from your enemies for a few seconds.


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